The Whiskey Jerks had a blast playing SWAG 2015!

What an amazing opportunity and a tremendous evening! Here's what The Whiskey Jerks' beautiful violinist Anna Bekolay had to say about the evening:

"I played with The Whiskey Jerks at the Saskatchewan Wearable Arts Gala (SWAG) on Saturday night, Nov 14th, 2015. What an honour to be involved in this Spectacular Night – I found it so very uplifting and so very well done!! SWAG was a feast for all the senses. Beautiful music accompanied dancers modelling the wearable art pieces – there were over 50 pieces in the show done by over 40 artists. 
The evening began with a short film about the building of the Jack Millikin Centre at Ness Creek – the fundraising goal of SWAG. We were then treated to a fashion show of Art Bras – the silent auction pieces in support of Free Flow Dance & the Rosebud Burlesque Club. Meghan Lofgren delighted us with her rendition of “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” during this portion of the show. Danny Papadatos mc’d the night with great flair – he also modeled one of the Art Bras. Danny did a fantastic job of getting the crowd’s energy up and of managing to keep energy moving when a “stall” was needed in the show.
Variety and Innovative Inspiration are the words that come to mind to describe the pieces involved in the show. There were incredibly beautiful pieces, strange and odd pieces, pieces that appeared to have come from another world, graceful pieces, and funny pieces too – all in 3 categories: Headpiece, Corset and/or Cod Piece, and Open. The Wearable Art Pieces and the Music Selections from the night are still inhabiting my mind and will accompany me through my daily life for a while yet – wonderful music that suited the art pieces so well! The music and the way in which the dancer-models modeled the pieces brought every piece to life.
We were treated to Flamenco music and dance as well as to some fun modern dance during the show.
I did a bit of violin improvisation over the instrumental version of an Imogen Heap song while some of the art pieces were being danced across the stage. The Whiskey Jerks opened the 2nd half of the show and there was an extra special treat when Celedonio Garrido & Kari Alba did some Flamenco singing and dance to my tune Café Paris!!
At the end of the show, when all the winners were to be announced, Kevin Buzinskishowed his perfect and dramatic sense of timing by adding drum rolls and fills to the announcements.
All in all, the evening was a great success!
Thank you to everyone involved in the show: artists, volunteers, dancers, organizers, tech crew, jurors, donors & supporters, Graham Mckelvie – artistic director: brimming with encouraging enthusiasm, and to Arnfinn Prugger & his wife Lindsay Embree for coming up with the concept in the first place and then making it a reality – not once, but twice – looking forward to next time!
An extra shout out to Graham for his work on this show – beyond the artistic directorship, you create true community with your work: thank you for giving the dance community and The Whiskey Jerks, and Saskatoon such a wonderful opportunity to truly shine."

Well done everyone!!