Show #1 on The Whiskey Jerks mini tour was a blast!!

The Root in Llodminster is a spectacular venue - wonderful staff, warm and eclectic atmosphere (and oh how The Jerks love eclectic!) and tremendous folks that come out to support live music! We had copious amounts of fun, and tried out  Baba Was a Bootlegger (a brand spankin' new song) on the good and unsuspecting folks of Lloydminster :) Special thanks to Amanda for running such a great community driven establishment - a little haven for touring and local musicians, and also for local visual artists whose works adorn the root's walls (our violinist and drummer (Anna and Kevin) will happily be adorning her own home with a beautiful piece that they bought there!). Special thanks as well to Josef Jacobson, the local journalist who came out to take photos :)

Now we're off to Edmonton to play The Blue Chair and hang out with good friends - yay!!

Cheers everyone! I raise a glass to you...

Yours in the Saskatchewan prairies, 

Gillian of The Whiskey Jerks