Shows #2 and #3 on The Whiskey Jerks mini Alberta tour just kept getting better and better!!

WOW!!! What a tremendous time we're having - we've met SO many amazing people and have had the absolute best audiences for all three of our shows! Now we're just cruisin' on back to Saskatoon....Whoa!....flat tire! happened while I was writing worries though! Dr.  Hulk Kevin, our super hero drummer is on it...

Excellent...we're back on the road! 

So ya! Continuing on...

After Lloyd we headed to Edmonton to play the Blue Chair - what a beautuful beautiful venue, and much thanks to Harold for booking a bunch of unknown rag tag Saskatchewanians and making us feel so very welcome :) And all the good folks that came to our show - thank-you!! You made the entire evening such a warm and memorable one - we love Alberta!

From the Blue Chair we headed to the Jasper Folk Music Festival , where again, we received a warm welcome from everyone we met, and not only had a wonderful receptive audience, but got the chance to see and listen to some great music - Jasper Folk Festival so rocks! Thanks Matt for inviting us - YAY!!! I can't seem to say that enough :)

So, good folks, I have to say that the inaugural Whiskey Jerks Alberta tour was an absolute success - new friends, new fans, great music - who could ask for more? We love Alberta! Did I say that already?

Stay tuned for the next entry as we head back into the studio to begin recording the Jerks' second album...but what to call it? Straight Up? Rocks? The Happy Hangover?

Waddya think?