The Whiskey Jerks Venture into Alberta!

Hey Lovely Folks!

The Whiskey Jerks are finally venturing out of Saskatchewan to play our neighbouring  province to the west and we can't wait! We have yet to be introduced to the good people of Alberta live, but we have been fortunate to have friends like Baba and Grant at CKUA , and Chris at CBC Alberta that are lending a hand and getting us on the Alberta airwaves :)

It's also kinda fun to get our drummer Kevin (formerly of the band The Drowned) out of his basement and on the road again - much to his chagrin, mind you, but dammit it's good for him! And his wife Anna, our illustrious violin player, agrees! Regardless, all of the Jerks - myself included of course - are super excited about our little Alberta tour and can't wait to meet everyone :) Our shows are...have you got a pen?

September 10th in Lloydminster @ the root 

September 11th in Edmonton @ The Blue Chair

September 12th in Jasper @ The Jasper Folk Music Festival

We'll see you soon!!