The Whiskey Jerks are back in the studio! Yay!

Today The Whiskey Jerks got the ball rolling and recorded two songs live off the floor! It's the beginning of a new adventure for The Whiskey Jerks and we hope to have the album completed by early fall at the latest - we're all pretty busy with upcoming shows, a couple of tours, teaching, bartending, school, cavorting with other musical know, the usual stuff that comprises this mortal coyle...but we are certainly having FUN!!! As soon as any of the songs are ready for your lovely ears, we'll be sure to post a sampler - just to get some feedback from you beautiful listeners and friends!

Stay tuned for more updates and, of course, the next installment of Time Travelling Jesus...I think that Charles Dickens is next on the itinerary - can't wait for a good visit and a fine glass mead!

Yours in the prairies,

Gillian W. Jerk