Can't wait to play the Underground Cafe!!


Yup! This Friday - that'd be February 26th - The Whiskey Jerks are playing the Underground Cafe as part of their Roots series, and it's gonna be FUN FUN FUN!! The best part about it is that it's an all ages gig and will be fun for the WHOLE family! Lots of great music and story-telling to boot. And speaking of story-telling...

We left Time Travelling Jesus as he was blessing his pal Abraham - a patriarch he deeply respected - and from there he decided to head on down to London Town to visit another great man , the amazing 19th century author and social commentator, Charles Dickens.  We find our heroes together in a pub, discussing matters of great importance - most notably the conviction that despite oppression, poverty, and cruelty that is displayed by this frail species called the human race, there is also goodness that can be called upon. T.T.J knew this all along, and, well, so did Charles Dickens, and despite his disparaging view of the church, Dickens always had a great deal of respect and love for his Time Travelling Friend and favourite omniscient. All that being said, one can also imagine that Jesus was a pretty big fan of Charles as well (which is saying a lot, considering how many fans the Big Guy has), but he did confide that, as hard as it was to pick his favourite book, if he had to choose it would of course have to be A Christmas Carol. Well it makes sense, doesn't it?

Next time, we find Jesus bidding his farewell to Mr. Dickens and moving on to visit another great story teller and purveyor of the Beauty within us all, namely Oscar Wilde.

Stay tuned - and we'll see you at the Underground!! 

Yours in the prairies and signing off for now,

Gillian W. Jerk xo